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Howard shares publicly for the first time his crazy twisted story involving a detached retina, JohnnyJet, and Viking Cruises on “This Week in Travel” podcast #196 with Chris Christensen.



It was an honor to join host Chris Christensen and five fellow travel writers, photographers, and social media influencers on Episode #196 of the “This Week in Travel” podcast. “This Week in Travel” is a semi-weekly podcast co-hosted by Chris with colleagues Gary Arndt and Jen Leo.



Ramsey, Howard, Michelle & Chris


“This Week in Travel” Podcast #196

Episode #196 of “This Week in Travel” was recorded on board the Viking Torgil while our #VikingSocial group was sailing Portugal’s Douro River on a sponsored River of Gold cruise.

Howard Blount Goldenrod Autumn Mountains Nike Cap

Joining Howard in this episode are:


Mary Jo Manzanares from Traveling with MJ and TBEX


Photographer Mary Quincy @mary_quincy on Instagram


Michelle Winner from Culinary Traveler


Travel writer Ramsey Qubein






Our view of the Viking Hemming while podcasting from the Viking Torgil on Portugal’s Douro River.



Chris, Mary Jo & Mary


Although I have done newspaper and digital media interviews in the past, “This Week in Travel” was my first experience doing a live audio interview with such a broad reach and audience. I already knew Chris from my iTunes subscriptions to his podcasts. Listening while on the road or walking the park in the past, I never dreamed I would one day appear on his show.



Host Chris Christensen


To be candid, I had a few butterflies at first, but Chris soon disarmed me with his congenial professionalism and experience in the art of podcasting.



Portable podcasting.


Our interview was dynamic and conversational, jumping from person to person, as participants intermittently entered or left the room. For my part, Chris began by asking me to introduce myself and share how I got started blogging at Backroad Planet two years ago. Later in the interview, he asked me to tell the bizarre tale of my detached retina, JohnnyJet, and Viking Cruises. Near the end of the show we all shared our tips for beginning travel bloggers and travelers in general.



Michelle, Chris & Johnny


I learned a few things myself from Mary Jo, Mary, Michelle, Ramsey, and Johnny during the lively repartee on topics ranging from photography to wine, relaxing, airline loyalty programs, being nice, and our favorite topic of all . . . travel.


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Until Next Time . . . .

Jerry and I enjoy dialogue with our readers. If you already subscribe to podcasts, please tell us about your favorite shows. If this is your first experience with “This Week in Travel,” what did you think? We invite you to leave your comments and questions below, and we always respond!


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Howard shares publicly for the first time his crazy twisted story involving a detached retina, JohnnyJet, and Viking Cruises on "This Week in Travel" podcast #196 with Chris Christensen.


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Howard Blount is founder and co-owner of the travel blog BackroadPlanet.com. He has traveled internationally since boyhood and lived abroad in Mexico, Chile, and Paraguay. Now his passion is navigating the roads-less-traveled of this amazing planet in search of anything rare and remote. On the stuffy side, “Mr. Blount” has been a writer, consultant, and published author with the likes of Simon & Schuster and McGraw-Hill. Recently retired from a 35-year career as a middle school teacher, Howard enjoys spending his time on anything that includes mountains, waterfalls, dachshunds, gospel choirs, books, restored classic movies on Blu-ray, HDTV, autumn, sandhill cranes, hot springs, Florida springs, rain and other gloomy weather, log cabins, cracker shacks, abandoned sites, unearthed history, genealogy, museums, documentaries, To Kill a Mockingbird, scenic and historical sites, castles, cathedrals, the Civil War, cold sheets, National and State Park Passports, quotes, the Rambos, Dionne Warwick, Steely Dan, Doobies, Diet Pepsi, Fish City Grill, anything Apple, all things British, Jesus, and lists. And on a random note, Howard is a fourth cousin once removed to Truman Capote.
Photo Credits: JohnnyJet; Mary Jo Manzanares; Mary Quincy; Ramsey Qubein; Michelle Winner