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A photo-intensive account of a retro road trip with my family from Montego Bay to climb Dunn’s River Falls near Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Dunn's River 106

Note: The following revised and annotated post is part of our Retro Roadtrip series. It is about a day trip from Montego Bay to Dunn’s River Falls near Ocho Rios, Jamaica, with my sister Carla, my brother-in-law Todd, and my amazing nephew Nathan. They were living in Jamaica at the time, and I had flown down for a brief visit. The original version of this article was posted November 17, 2007, on my Nathan’s Uncle blog.

Retro Roadtrip: Jamaica’s Dunn’s River Falls

When it comes to nature, there is no “best,” or “most beautiful.” How can you compare nature to nature? Can you say the Grand Canyon is grander than the Grand Tetons, or the Amazon Rainforest is more picturesque than the Swiss Alps? I have visited many breathtakingly beautiful locations on my travels, and they all defy comparison, each with an allure that is uniquely their own. Dunn’s River Falls qualifies as one of those incredibly lovely places. In fact, it is lovely to the point that terms such as “wonderland” and “otherworldly” come to mind.

Anchovy First Service 07-07 004

The mission Toyota Land Cruiser.

Early on a Friday morning, we crawled in the mission Land Cruiser for a day trip from “MoBay” to Dunn’s River Falls near “Ochi,” Jamaica. Dunn’s River Falls is the number one tourist destination in Jamaica, as well it should be. Cruise ships haul in visitors by the thousands to climb the falls from bottom to top. But before we could make the 65-mile drive to the falls, we had to escape Montego Bay and its infamous traffic.


Your typical Montego Bay gridlock.

They made me ride in the back seat with Nathan all the way from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios, including Todd’s grueling navigation through MoBay’s interminable traffic and gridlocks.

And I loved it . . . .

Dunn's River 033

In the back seat with my favorite person in the whole world.


So much could be said.


Left-lane driving messes with me.

Leaving the madness that is MoBay traffic behind, we headed east on Highway A1, but it was not long before our leisurely drive along the Caribbean coast brought excitement of another kind. Suddenly, Todd was motioned off the side of the road by a gang of Jamaican motorcycle cops in an apparent speed trap. We knew there was no way Todd was exceeding the speed limit because he is a confirmed rule-follower and typically drives like a grandmother. Todd was directed to get out of the car and meet with an officer sitting at a distance under a tree. We waited nervously in the car, concerned that our plans for the day may be aborted, or even worse.

Eventually, Todd returned to the car and we drove away, anxious to hear what had happened under the tree. Long story short, the officer had shown Todd his radar detector displaying a reading over the speed limit and told him there would be a large fine he would have to pay in court. Todd asked the cop if he could issue him a warning instead, and the kind officer indicated that perhaps Todd could give him something. Todd said, “How about I take care of your lunch today,” and the officer nodded. Todd slipped the money into his hand and made his exit.

When in Rome, . . . .

Dunn's River 034

Can I buy you lunch?

Dunn's River 038

My red-headed nephew spying out the roadside encounter.

Relieved, we continued down the highway and arrived at the entrance to the falls without further incident. Fortunately, we hit it on a day when no cruise ships were in port, so we wouldn’t have to deal with the really big crowds. The visitor parking lot is located at the top of the falls, so we took our time inhaling the beauty of this incredible place on our trail hike to the bottom. Carla elected not to climb the falls on this visit, so she became the photographer for the day. She followed our ascent on the side trail and documented our climb from bottom to top.

Dunn's River 048

Yeah, that kind of beautiful!

Dunn's River 046

Red ginger

Dunn's River 114


Dunn's River 113

Coconut Palm

Dunn's River 043

My boy and me.

Dunn's River 053

Carla, Todd & Nathan

Dunn's River 054

“Am I going to climb this waterfall or not?”

Dunn's River 058

Snapped on our way down. I thought this sign had a vintage Hollywood look.

Dunn's River 066

A bit of history.

Dunn's River 069

Where the falls meet the beach.

Dunn's River 071

Dunn’s River flows into the Caribbean Sea.

Dunn's River 014

Todd, Nathan, and I begin the ascent alone.

Dunn's River 079

Large groups navigate the falls by holding hands in single file.

Shortly after starting our climb, we decided to let an escorted tour group go on ahead so we could follow in their steps. Yes, we are cheap!

Dunn's River 081

We’ve only just begun.

Dunn's River 083

This image through the jungle foliage has great 3-D composition. Cool shot, Carla!

Dunn's River 084

Another interesting shot. I love the jungle vines in this one.

The escorts for the tour group lagged behind to assist us, even though we had not hired them. We tipped them when we reached the top.

Dunn's River 102

He-Man and the Olympic Gold Medalist.

Dunn's River 087

A treacherous passage. (Not really.)

Dunn's River 093

No, I did not bust my butt! It was a sliding rock.

Dunn's River 027


Dunn's River 031

Near the top. Almost Heaven.

Carla, thanks for being our official trek photographer. You got some amazing shots, Sister!

YouTube video

Footnote: I still remember the night several years ago when Todd told me they were going to be missionaries to Jamaica. I didn’t receive the news well. They would be taking my one and only nephew away from me. Over time, I came to accept the inevitable, and being a missionary’s kid myself I knew that Nathan would get to experience many things the average American kid would not be able to do, and I could never deny him those benefits. Watching Nathan climb Dunn’s River Falls and swim near the coral reef at Doctor’s Cave during my brief visit to Jamaica confirmed that knowledge for me. I know without a doubt that international travel during my childhood is what put the travel bug in me.

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